Playing CyberWar Games for Better Security

SafeBreach has made a attack simulator that allows organizations to conduct war-game-like attacks that can show weaknesses in their security. Using the military’s war games to as a basis for their idea, SafeBreach thought out that an organization needs to have an interlocking set of strategies that involve people, processes, and technology. For people, the organization needs to make sure employees understand the importance of security and what to look out for (i.e. phishing e-mails, or an unknown USB). In the case of Processes, SafeBreach indicates that organizations should ensure that there are procedures in place to make sure they are followed and that third-party vendors’ security is also safe. As for technology, checking on security systems has to be an everyday thing, not just biannually or quarterly. SafeBreach gives multiple examples of ongoing cyber-war games to help test organization’s people, processes, and technology in a safe, secure manner.

I think this is a fantastic idea that, it makes sure that everyone and everything is ready for an attack and that each person within an organization understands the threats that could come into play. I learned that there is more to security then just updating a firewall and checking on it once in a while, as that was what I had thought computer security was about not long ago. The general public should know that this resource is there if they are in need of checking their security within their company/organization. I feel like this might become a major tool that organizations utilize to validate their security and that many professionals will look into using it. It might even become policy to use these in major corporations like banks to check their systems and upkeep their security. I hope to see this in action someday.